Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Once upon a time there was a gentle scarecrow. He lived hearing peaceful sounds of the earth. Real nice sounds like the rain falling onto the earth and the wind,happy, riding throughout the earth.
Good gentle scarecrow listening, asked God,”please help gentle scarecrow to speak.” In time nice voice visited the kind gentle scarecrow. Hearing real voice, he talked to God and to the interesting earth. He learned Good God’s heart is intense in love always.

Ryan had to write for school about a scarecrow.. we can guess who the scarecrow is...Teresa

Friday, February 12, 2016

A Message to Me in Front of Beautiful Moms!

Last night our family was asked to come and visit at the Autism Society Meeting. The topic was how to make playgroups and hangouts for teens with Autism. We have presented in many places but Ryan really struggled last night.. calming down and getting his thoughts out. He was hitting back the letterboard  and so so slow with pointing.  After it was all over, I realized many things..

See what these folks didn't know... the reason for the struggle was his thoughts were recalling a very difficult part of his life. He has shared for many years now, privately to me, what took place in school.  How people kicked him and  teachers didn't want him in their classroom and aids were cruel. But  don't be sad.. There were kind folks too in that time in his life... Ryan is so  happy now and his life is whole and positive.... so have joy over that!!
Back to the night.. his words painstakingly came out letter by letter and... he answered my question what do you think of your guy group( 5 guy friends they hangout) and he said
YES TO HEALING ARE FRIENDS... then struggling he said.. .  I AM INTENSE MOM... I tried to talk and calm him..
Then I said is  there something else you want to tell us about friends..... you know you can tell me anything Ryan.... and I wish I could remember all he said but this is the words that I wrote letter by letter on the paper when he was pointing:
Ugh at that moment, it all came flooding back...I was thinking about his  good life NOW and he started with when he was young and life brought him sadness.

So I changed focus  and I said...."yeah Ryan... I understand. Mom loves you.... maybe lets talk about  now your guy group and I named them all... yeah.. what about that, he said,
and I cant remember the rest.. yes... I was so relieved... he is OK... he is happy... my heart was so grateful at that moment those words came out...

Wow....we made it through the night.. without him crying..this night in front of those sweet MOMs.. I didn't want to make them sad...I did not think Ryan would share his feelings  in that way...

So.. sitting there, I  told those  Moms.. see the Good in there child and in the moment. ...

So what do  I see?..  Reflecting on last night...I see the Good in his life....

 And  here was my message from my son...

 My  beautiful, brave son  is getting stronger to be able to express darkness in his life and to be able to come to me and share these hardships.   I could hug him and encourage him and  I had the privilege to remind him  to see hope and the light of a new day..to see a good life .....

Thank you guy group.. you know who you are for being Ryan's friends..
Thank you beautiful gracious Moms... for listening to Ryan.....

 Believe for more and know God loves us and walks us thru to the victory and gives us joy in the morning...

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ryan and God!

Ryan was asked to write an article in our churches news issue entitled,"  Stories of Hope". This is what he shared:

My name is Ryan Harris. For many years, I was upset and feeling weary. People are scared of me because of my intense Autism gestures. In the silence there is extreme upset. Not able to talk, a nice teacher helped me to spell. Soon feelings flooded my mind. Listening, God spoke. Holy Spirit now realized. Now fostering good feelings, so present is the Holy Spirit. I am healing. God is giving me a real voice. At Hope Church, I see God working through Capernaum camp. Camp challenges us to try new things. God gives us the strength to learn how capable we all are. Wisdom is found in our times of prayer together. I find love through the selflessness in our learders. Love your neighbor as yourself- this is what camp teachers. Always remember, peace God gives now and into eternity.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My very auditory son .. Ryan!

 So this week  I notices just how auditory my son is.. Funny, I know this and speak about this issue to   many folks at our meetings, but these situations happened one after the other... so. I guess I needed reminding:)

Day one:
He was in speech and  we were playing a new game where he had to read a sentence on a card if he wanted to get further clues in the game.. and I pointed to the sentence and he said ..." I  AM NOT READING... I WANT TO HEAR.

Day Two
He was in Physical therapy and he was rolling a basketball up the wall with two hands over his head and back down the wall keeping pressure on the ball the entire time...so get this not one time did he look at his hands... not on time did he look at the ball.. not one time did  his face look  toward the wall...his head was turned towards his therapist and he was listening to her words glancing at her mouth ( she was speaking to him..encouraging him to take the ball up high above his head and then back down and counting down the number of reps left). It really made me think at that moment my gosh.....he acts like he is blind.....

Day Three:  Ryan was letter boarding in front of a stranger and the guy turned to me and said.. he isn't even looking at his board!... and I said.. yeah.. he has it memorized like we do when we type... but again.. his eyes ... the no looking thing and the thought came back to me.. he acts like he is blind.

So in the past Ryan said I cant think and hear and look and move body at the same time....So.. why could we get him to see the letterboard.. some of you might wonder....well it was thanks to the sensory understanding and neuroscience of rpm ... Soma started out teaching him...as if he was blind taping choice the sound of tearing paper.. no visual pictures just auditory description...uh... Brilliant!!!!

 Just asked him as I was writing this about his thought on the subject and he NOT wanting to letter board  he told me he wants to eat...LOL...gave me this brief incomplete statement when asked.. tell folks what the deal is with your eyes  and what's up with your ears.. he says.. ,, RYANS MIND FEELS HEARING...  that is kinda interesting comment??

He came back in the room.. and  to my surprise wanted to letter and said the following.. he said BEAWARE HINT LIKE LISTENING! YOUR MIND IS NICE MOM HINT I  LIKE HELPING...

So hope we helped you understand a little better .. many kids are using one sense more then the other so make sure you are speaking to them too and this is.from a Mom by the way whose open learning channel is auditory! ( if you want to know which sense you seem to favor.. ask yourself this questions.. when getting directions to a local place in town.. what does that look like... for me I don't need someone to write down the direction.. that is kinda annoying to me ..I will say this...statement...no don't worry about writing it done ..just TELL me how to get there.. ok..and again.I repeat it back  to hear my own self say it.. I'm and auditory  MOM!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Won't Change His Words.....

Today Ryan  started 7th grade Literature. We read a story called Chura and Marwe,  an African folktale as told by Humphrey Harman.

It is a wonderful story about two slave children who love each other dearly. As the story develops, you see the love these two slave children  have for one another.  As the folktale opens, it explains that  Chura is a  young slave boy who is very unattractive. They say he has a  face like a " toad." and he is hard to look at when he passes by.   Unlike Marwe, whose external beauty was simply magnificent to those who looked upon her.

 The question Ryan had to answer before he left his virtual classroom was the following:  How does Chura exemplify the saying," Don't judge a book by its cover?" He answered the teacher: 

 Chura is very peaceful. He is loving and keeps Marwe near his heart.
 Weary having to see people look at his appearance.
 He learns intense beauty lives on inside.

I thought... who writes like that??...so different yet so meaningful ... most people don't speak or write like this...it is .not "proper" English, but I won't change his words.  I see that this is how in  Ryan's mind he speaks.
 He speaks from one who can relate to Chura's challenges as well.  He has shared how  people stare at him and are scared of him... but that is another post another day. It is all good and Ryan I am proud of you once again!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ryan's school writing on Spring.

It is amazing to me how Ryan sees and hears from God. I believe they have a very unique relationship... one I will never truly understand. Ryan had to write on a why spring is beautiful.. so unique... in his thoughts and how he sees things...  .

Spring is beautiful because to God life has meaning. Life is the melody of spring. Spring eases the weariness of winter. Spring calls... I love each day. Each Spring our peaceful God decides springtime is to live another year. He allows heaven on earth. A divine peace we receive when he gives us spring.
Colors,: green red, yellow and orange! Green is so energetic. You see energy in fields of green! It is caught in this needed weary world.
So, to each leaf a call to life. Spring fills universe and gets eternity